PRJCT ZECH is the name of our building project. The name comes from a vision that Pastor Daniel received from God years ago. In that vision, God spoke to Pastor Daniel and said, "in the same way that there is a pipeline from the north slope to the Valdez, so there will be a pipeline of My power. The golden oil of Zechariah will flow to the state of Alaska and I've called you to be a part of it.

Zechariah 4 is about the building of the house of God, and the is exactly what we're doing in PRJCT ZECH

Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of Grace! Grace! to it!
Zechariah 4:7

How to Get Involved

Commit To Give

I declare my faith and support for building the new facility for King’s Alaska, believing for completion in the fall and move-in of December of this year. I have marked my faith giving goal below.

Phase I: $8.2 million completed: Exterior Construction

Phase II: $6.6 million planned: Interior Construction

Phase III: $6.9 million planned: Interior Finishing

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Pray for PRJCT ZECH!

  • The Bracken Family
  • The Staff of King’s Alaska
  • Shiloh Construction – The Building Committee
  • The Project Subcommittees
  • Media Team
  • Interior Design & Furnishing Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Ministry Equipping Team
  • Finance Team
  • Miracles of Finance & Supply
  • Faith Giving from the People of King’s
  • Favor with Inspections, Permits, Approvals, etc
  • The Completion of Phase 1
  • The Financing for Phase 2
  • Church Growth to Double Weekly Attendance
  • Target Opening of December 2020
  • Wisdom in Planning the Grand Opening