Join us for 40 days of 24 / 7 Prayer at King’s!

In-Person Prayer Times:

Monday – Friday:

6:00 am – 8:00 am

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Prayer List:

Pray that God would bless and protect Israel, for the peace of Jerusalem, and for persecuted believers in Israel.  Romans 10:1, Romans 11:26-27, Isaiah 62:1

The United States:
Pray that the USA would continue to stand with Israel, for revival, for the body of Christ to rise, for reformation, for protection from all terrorist attacks, for our leaders.  Matthew 5:14-16, 1 Timothy 2:1-4

King’s Worldwide:
Pray for Dr. James and Pastor Colleen Marocco and their family.  For the gift of faith, leadership and wisdom to lead the vision.  Fulfillment of the Vision 500 by May 2021: 500 churches in Hawaii, the mainland US and Internationally.

Our State and Community:
Pray for revival (let it begin with us), an outpouring of the Spirit and a great harvest of souls to come into the Kingdom, filling every bible-believing church.  Righteous leadership and wisdom for elected officials.  For a gospel witness in every village.

King’s Alaska:

Increased Prayer: 
Pray for the establishment of the 24/7 prayer room at King’s Wasilla.  We have a faithful group praying now and that it would grow (more people and more times  of prayer).  That God would bring intercessors, the worship leaders and all the staffing required – that one day we would be a church that never closes.  Continue to pray for the growing prayer movement.  We are believing that our entire congregation will be encouraged to grow in prayer.  For a release of God’s healing power, signs and wonders to flow in even greater measure throughout our entire church.

Pastor Daniel & Family:
Pray that we may have wisdom to lead this growing ministry.  Continue to pray for us to have the gifts of faith and leadership.

Pray for our staff members and their families, that God’s power will flow through them and that they would be strong spiritually and physically.

Pray for strong marriages and families; for leaders to continue to grow spiritually; for leaders to multiply.

Finances to Continue to Grow: 
Pray for the release of financial resources needed for our church to expand and fulfill the vision here in Alaska.  Pray for every committed tither at King’s to proser.  For people to obey God in the tithe.  For the gift of giving to be released.

Pray for Wally Pehrson and Shiloh Construction and his family and the building committee as they spearhead the building of our new facility.  Favor.  Pray for the financing to go through in accordance with the will of the Lord.

King’s Bristol Bay:
Pray for Pastor Timothy and Minister Heidi Capo and their family.  Pray for us to fulfill the vision of reaching the surrounding villages.

King’s Eagle River:
Pray for Pastor Gil and Minister Rosi Nantes and their family; for a facility, for favor in the community, for leaders to be raised up.

King’s Primrose:
Pray for Minister Becky Day.  Continued outpouring and greater liberty during this time of Covid-19, protection and healing upon the seniors.  For great community impact in this location.

King’s Antioch:
Pray for Pastor Aaron and Minister Kinu Anderson.  Continued growth of leaders and for the planting of a new campus.

King’s Seattle:
Pray for the leadership team and wisdom regarding the property.  For God’s perfect plan,

King’s Amsterdam and King’s Indonesia:
Pray for the teams to rise, for the planting of those churches and for timing.

Anchorage Opening:
Pray for the team to rise, provision, and property.  That God’s Spirit would be poured out in Anchorage.

Pray for Minister Vicki and more leaders to be raised up.  For this ministry to have widespread community impact.

King’s Youth Ministry:
Pray for King’s Youth team to increase, for revival and an outpouring of the Spirit in services, for an explosion in life groups.  For leaders to be raised up, for Bible studies to open in schools.  For youth in the community to be impacted, for growth.

King’s Kids Ministry:
Pray for King’s Kids Children’s team to continue to grow.  For revival and the releasing of leaders and volunteers.

Media Team: 
Pray for our Media team, web, social media, greater impact and influence; growth of team members and creativity.

King’s School of Ministry (KSM):
Pray for increase in leadership.  Pray that KSM continues to grow to 100 students this year and them move forward in making leaders and releasing them into all God has for them.  Also for a housing/dormitory solution for students.

Life Groups and Teams:
Pray for growth in our Life groups and all of our Teams.  For them to flourish and for people rise in leadership and participation.  It is our prayer that everyone would find a place to serve in the house of the Lord.

Senior Saints:
Pray for fruitfulness, Leadership expansion, increased community impact.

Bridge Counseling:
Pray for team growth, more counselors, Grief Share Leader, Zoom leader.

Pray for multiplication in life groups, 100 groups.  Doubling in teams and ministry.

Pray for team growth; the raising up of a team with hearts to care for the house of the Lord.